Design Histories

There is always something more to see

This body of work is a photographic response to Aydon, focusing on the detail of the building and its surroundings.

In a world where we tend to only see the obvious and immediate, the collection of images explores the beauty and simplicity around us – objects, textures, living, natural, man-made, nature-made, hidden in plain sight. The work is an exercise in refocusing and appreciating the subtleties of what surrounds us.

The large format photographs are printed on a textile (ripstop) so that they move gently in the draughty interior. The use of textile hangings is inspired by the tradition of tapestries and textile wall hangings that would have softened the interiors and helped reduce draughts.

The hardbound book is a photo essay capturing the unique atmosphere of Aydon. The book reproduces an image for each decade since construction of the original stone buildings began in 1297

Slowing down, being here, in the now, there is always something more to see.

Materials: Large format photographic hangings printed on textile. Photo essay bound book.

Designer: Leon Maurice

Design Histories Working Group