Design Histories

Spolia collection

The Spolia collection of furniture is inspied by the traces of previous functions and layouts of Aydon Castle which can be discovered through seemingly random gaps, infills and shapes within its walls. The walls of the castle tell stories of how it has been adapted, altered and added to since the 13th century.

These seats, inspired by the robust construction of the castle, are made from offcut materials and discarded timber components. They reveal traces of their previous forms, before they were stacked and joined into places to sit. Working with ‘remains’ and ‘leftovers’ has led to unpredictable and raw aesthetics, which we might increasingly need to embrace in our waste-filled world.

“Like those responsible for changes to the castle over the last 700 years, I wanted to engage with a design process that didn’t begin with a blank piece of paper or the use of valuable new materials but started with the potential of working with existing things.”  

Rickard Whittingham

Design Histories Working Group