Design Histories


Cressets were bowl-shaped lamps used in the medieval period. The lamps were often made from stone or ceramic. Fat or wax was poured into the bowl, together with a wick, to create a simple lamp. The stone versions in particular, have an appealing heft and simplicity to them.

I have reimagined the cresset in sandcast bronze. Bronze was a commonplace metal used in the medieval period for making household objects, and the production process – sandcasting – goes back hundreds of years. The outer surface is left with the rough surface created by the casting process. The inner surface is hand-polished to reflect the light.

Shiny materials were highly prized during the medieval period, perhaps because of the time and effort required to achieve a polished surface. Even with modern sanding materials, it has taken several hours to create a reflective finish.

Materials: Sandcast bronze. Hand-polished.

Designer: Anthony Forsyth

Design Histories Working Group