Design Histories

Aperture collection

The “Aperture” collection of products takes inspiration from the various window and door openings found in and around Aydon Castle. These openings form some of the most distinct architectural details within the buildings structure. Fabricated in heavy gauge brass plate, these vessels are inspired by the proportions and architectural details of the openings. Additionally, some of the finer stonework is represented by the chamfered edge details which are polished to act as a contrast to the aged main surface.

“Wandering around the castle I found that the various doorways and window openings provided the most distinct and event like experiences. The castle is dark and solid, and the contrasts created by the light spilling through these openings act like a series of announcements and invitations, bringing the outside in.”  

The intention of the designer was to capture some of the dramatic qualities of the building’s strongest and most distinct architectural details and to create a group of objects with a similar strength, permanence, and sense of occasion.

Designer: Trevor Duncan

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